Pony Show is a collection of art created by Nickie Burditt, an eccentric girl who’s drawn to vibrant colors, spiritual motifs, animals, and silliness.

“I like to create things that instill happiness in people. For me, the greatest achievement you can attain through artwork is to create positive emotions for the viewer. Nothing makes me prouder than when I can make someone smile and brighten their day.”

Nickie finished her BFA at the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2014 and plans to spend the next year building up her portfolio. She also plans to spend her time converting a bus into a livable art studio with her partner in crime Nick Scott. When it’s finished they want to travel the world selling art out of their mobile gallery.

“We just want to explore the world, share affordable art, and experience everything we can while we’re young and crazy. Although I’m sure we’ll always be crazy!”

Catch the updates by following this blog or adding Nickie_Burditt on Instagram. It’s gonna be a wild ride! 😀





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